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William Koh

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Joined Oct 2018


现在它不插水 好像在阴阴跌 看它阴到几深
1 month · translate
没有waterfall. 难道大家都预了业绩大亏吗? 还是近期有project
1 month · translate
yalohh got insider news backside news apa news pon ade maybe is Jong adyy
3 months · translate
maybe later Ivan sapu up to 0.095 leh. fund manager level wehh
3 months · translate
aiyooo I thought today 99.9999% everyone can become millionaire hahahah
3 months · translate
Everyone can become millionaire today 99.999999% wowwwwww
3 months · translate
Shark: Showtime! Gonna trap all ikan bilis
3 months · translate
Marilah pulang bersama2
6 months · translate
When retailers got off from the boat then only the operator will start to sail. dayumm
10 months · translate
washing some retailers and then pull up few bids in a flash
1 year · translate
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