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other than gloves, should look into also shipping companies. if omicron not as serious, next topic will be the super high shipping cost, port congestion.
5 hours · translate
no more unrealised loh kawan
14 hours · translate
走过路过不要错过啊 认同的请写666
14 hours · translate
buy buy dao... please come downnnn
1 day · translate
Please come lower. I waiting for bargain price.
2 days · translate
because qr good. qr bad = up, qr good = down
6 days · translate
I wait 13.5sen
6 days · translate
tomorrow down
6 days · translate
why? I rugi half a saga here leh... wanna average down geh
6 days · translate
no drama, qr okay. no fly up no flying no fly down.
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