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Kok Zhi Hern

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低调做人 高调做事
Wechat group : ZhiHern

Joined Feb 2019


1.9 买进了第二批 ,业绩不好的事实每个人都知道了,坏消息也反映得7788了,接下来有更坏的消息出来再部署第三批。
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没有熊市是几天就结束的, 过程会出现反弹, 给中套的逃命机会. 关注真正的问题有没有解决更好吧.
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Soon, better adjust yr cash ratio, if gt chance mayb can avg down at lower. If less cash on hand, better cut out some cash. Coz bear market, we need to hv more cash.
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David, carimin same as serbadk consider midstream . But worry if oil price continue go down the demand of their contract will affected.
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继续分批加码1.61, 油气大战都要增产. serbadk 做 maintainance 的反而工作量变大受惠
3 weeks · translate
要分配好资金啊 不要乱买到资金用完.
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Cannot blame anyone la, nobody buy and sell call. If want follow, bear our own risk. Investing is not about following someone. Do some own homework and you will find that not a great timing now to gogogo. Pity those chasing high, rmb as a lesson ba,still long way to go.
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Jackie 之前说过暂时离场了, 新年期间 cash out了一些需要等待和比较分散的投资. 不过现在的价钱还真的蛮吸引人.
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真正的问题还没解决, 疫情也越来越严重, future 现在也变红了. 降息也意味着经济有放缓的迹象, 要 go准备做好会继续下跌的准备.
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公司成长最重要啦, 没成长给你多少股息都不够赔. 可是现在大市不好 不建议现在追进来, 留多点现金先. Uwc 由于估值过高暂时没业绩支撑我也撤了, 把资金转去风险更低的低估公司更好.
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