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Kok Zhi Hern

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The best investment is investing in yourself ☻

Joined Feb 2019


Seems strong support at 0.515, i can just keep le, if drop below 0.5 only run.
3 minutes · translate
上上下下看到我心脏病了 哈哈哈
38 minutes · translate
Giround 我昨天有进场. 看等下市场怎么反映了. 我觉得业绩中等, 但比起 impairment 阶段好很多了.
1 hour · translate
Yes Eric, consider okay la. Safe to hold so far. Depends how market look on its future later.
1 hour · translate
Zhong lin he, Revenue dropped as well comparing qoq, dun be too optimistic yet.
1 hour · translate
Got operating income of 81m, but overall this qr not that bad i guess. Can consider moderate. Let's see how market reacts, at least they are back on track not like previously.
2 hours · translate
Higher than my expectations of 100m, congratulations Armadians.
2 hours · translate
Kindly check my updated comment above. Ready to fly above rm5 very soon.
3 hours · translate
Pentamaster engine starts, break 4.85 resistance then all time fly.
3 hours · translate
历史新高点最好就不要了, 风险太高. 如果能长期收几年的话可以分批买进.
3 hours · translate
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