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already hit my target. I already sold half of my share
just monitor until it will reach my final target 1.35-1.40

thanks me later

~ahli nujum
2 months · translate
I bought at 2.83. already sold half of mine.. the price will retrace now. Im waiting for the right time to execute my second entry. my final target ia 3.40

thanks me later
2 months · translate
now 1.07g. the support area seem strong. my target first 1.2

thxk me later

-Ahli Nujun
3 months · translate
u guy do not watch for fajar waran? flying high rocket.. if u buy 0.035.. and u sell now u can buy yamaha nvx kui4 but be carefull.. im nujum pak belalang
3 years · translate
hahaha zainal hamid.. jus grab pop corn and watch it.. fajar and azrb as well
3 years · translate
be patience bro
3 years · translate
it can reach 0.36 this week
3 years · translate
next week it will rise rapidly.. thanks me later
3 years · translate
seem like want to do some rocket lunch.. get ready guy
3 years · translate
just grab pop corn.. and see it
3 years · translate
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