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Huhuhu... Y always last minute Mon Key show..., back to the square. Wahaha
9 hours · translate
Stewart, u are absolutely right.. Back to the square 1.5x hohohoh soon 1.50
2 weeks · translate
Wahaha.... Joke of the day
2 weeks · translate
Nvm... MUN KI from cove always syok sendiri
2 weeks · translate
Wahahaha.... Caption with 7 msg must violated rules kena Admin deleted. Hahaha... Syok sendiri
3 weeks · translate
Sell on news.... Hohohoh.. One day show hahahaha
1 month · translate
Old banana man can buy at 1.55 now wahahaha
1 month · translate
Huhuhu... Already touch 1.5x yesterday, so dissapointed to 3.48 buyer
1 month · translate
Hmmm.. Baru happily sapu 0.73, will grab more after 0.80, the higher the price the strong confident will hit RM1 soon
1 month · translate
Just top up some.... Hope reach 0.80, RM1 then rocket high. Hohohoh
1 month · translate
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