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Parking. 625
Yesterday · translate
Huhuhu... I dunno u stranger, y u always cyberbully me
4 days · translate
It will gradually drop to below 1 ringgit, it proven up from 3.10 to current 1 3x... Huhuhu.. Up ler hahaha
1 week · translate
Alpha jack, yesss... U got ur good point. Run run run.. Lari kuat2
1 week · translate
I luv to buy higher then sell 1.3x or 1 ringgit
1 week · translate
Oh no... Early morning drop so much, year low means 1 ringgit. Oh no
1 week · translate
Alpa jack, u are good fortune teller
2 weeks · translate
Omg... Ur price is 3.10 up to 1.4x now even up again below 1.3xx. So sad
2 weeks · translate
I believe I can fly
3 weeks · translate
Trust this time will be good
3 weeks · translate
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