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Ping Pet is making its way in Malaysia esp in Workover tech and turning brownfields to Greenfield again..
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PDT = Proprietary Day Trader; Bursa licensed trader who trades for profit sharing
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PDT just made their move. Bought 1.4mil shares at 66.5sen.
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Market over-exaggerating partnership with China Partner. Latest Ping Pet Malaysia awarded PSC near Terengganu Offshore will definitely boost DNeX revenue in coming years..
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RE is growing. Prior 2016, RE revenue only around MYR 50mil. Since 2017, RE revenue has increased 3x from MYR50mil to about MYR150mil min and MYR220mil max.
Average daily oil production output is almost 2000 BPD.
crude oil price is rising and now around USD85 boe. JP Morgan forecast crude oil price will be around USD100 boe this year.
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emopv5, hibiscs can go higher. there are oilfields in UK and AUS yet to be realised. FY 23 is going to be interesting..
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US Secretary of Treasury conceded that price cap on Russia oil did'nt go as plan - RT
Russia banned resale of Russia crude oil - RT
Brent crude oil can go as high as USD 100 per barrel this year - JP Morgan
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on side note, Indonesia already have their own HSR ler, mengong!!
put your money in stocks that don't need government approval..
MidEast already abandon Malaysia. Russia will never put money as long as Anwar is our PM. Malaysia and Chinese relation is in the brink of collapse.
Western civilization is coming to an end.
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Destini's broker purposely driving this stock down. Do not buy at Seller's price whenever Destini's broker shorts. If you do, you will end up going no where.
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