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BIMB is one of DNeX 4456 shareholder. DNeX's earning beats her revenue as Ping Petroleum starts generate income from Anasuria field in North Sea, England.. Good Investment.
54 minutes · translate
Buy la.. Her revenue will increase banyak for the next 3 years.. Price drops momentarily bcos of heavy shortselling..
1 hour · translate
Our pearl now also doing OK... Hehehe
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DneX has a pearl in her possession. Ping Petroleum Ltd. Based in UK. PING Petroleum is currently working on 4 oil clusters in North Sea. Out of these four, one is already producing about 8000 barrels of oil per day. Now, one bopd is near to USD90. She makes USD720, 000 per day, USD 260,000,000 a year. That's a lot, guys!! Net profit is about 50% around USD 130mil a year..
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Hahahaha... Its good to know.. Yahooo
2 hours · translate
Emopv5, so sorry. I didn't finish school and I also have problem reading and do simple mathematics. Thank you for your advice. Duly noted.
11 hours · translate
dont wanna la daddy.. i am just joking.. hahaha
16 hours · translate
klu ada freebies, i pun ndak!!!!
17 hours · translate
Mr Gan, I think its going to be choppy tmr. Supports are strong now. I think Atech will recover tmr. You might want to check on 4456.
18 hours · translate
DNex just sit back and wait for their money.. hehehe.. Anasuria alone has 30mil barrels oil reserves..
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