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Old Ronin. Day Trader. Full time. Ex-Oil & Gas Engineer. [email protected]
Hunting Pair.

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I tend to agree with RHB. CYPARK was said poised for uptrend. Since early August, CYPARK has been traded min 40.5sen and max 47.5sen. I say, CYPARK will make another run next week.
10 hours · translate
I see someone here very clever.
No one sells at VWAP. We sell when our share price higher than VWAP.
WONG is primed for a bull run soon.
15 hours · translate
The good news is NESTCON falling looses steam.
The bad news is..... Ooops.. There is no bad news!!
We are going to have some fun next week!!!
15 hours · translate
I am all fired UP for our moment of triumph, bro.. hang on tight. This going to be fun.
17 hours · translate
Azrie wants his money back after he took all our money!! Good luck.
18 hours · translate
If you have small bird, pls sell/short. If you have BIG bird, BUY then.
19 hours · translate
If you have small penis, pls sell. If you have BIG one, pls buy.
Good marketing strategy.
19 hours · translate
Who wants to sell when WONG is about to make a bull run any minute now?
20 hours · translate
I don't know who.. Just hanging there.. Its going to be a good week
3 days · translate
betul. nestcon erased all gains made from 11 days ago. But actually, someone is accumulating Nestcon stocks without market noticing.
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