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Prospect is good but result is soso, PEG ratio doesn't look good if company cant maintain 30% growth rate, perhaps this is just a temporary bad result due to lock down
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for aerospace sam is the local largest one in term of revenue, similar peer in Malaysia include kobay, UMS SG, JHM, ,UMW aerospace but most of the time they cooperate with each other rather than compete with each other
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No wrong, u can check back past Q1(april to june) result yourself
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1m order book, ok la, at least we know management is doing something rather than no news at all. Just put in fridge and wait for few year then make it hot again.
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In near future, management just need to make sure aerospace segment can successfully recover and make a turn over, then we can expect a drasmatically grow in bottom lime. Just like what the management mention we can see the light at the end of tunnel.
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If you feel dissapointed with this result mean u dun understand SAM ’s business and all you care about is just the share price. Normally Q1 equipment revenue is seasonally low as most of the product already delivery in Q4, Q1 just receive the order and just starting ramp up the production in order to make sure timely delivery in Q2. Year end thailand new plant will start its mass production for equipment segment, the phase 1 new plant is around 1/4 size of Malaysia plant. Phase1+2 is 2/3 size.
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