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我也在等。我贪心点 4 不懂可以吗 哈哈
6 months · translate
People don’t think this way, those guys are fifo
7 months · translate
If you are so good, you won’t be here to talk to us. To be honest, everyone has their own plan. Talk big but small inside, I have seen so many people like this. Ok? If you are rich that’s good for you. Please don’t show off here, until you show your bank balance to everyone of us here. Talk big doesn’t make you look good tho.
9 months · translate
someone pull it hard, 64M of ringgit buying in just 1min
10 months · translate
its good. 4m profit after so many years. good start
10 months · translate
thats good for you. arif
10 months · translate
This counter controlled by some gang, just be patient if you able to. Otherwise just sell it.
10 months · translate
biden visit South Korea, got asked about the chip supply. I wonder if the supply over demand now
10 months · translate
做人眼界要看远一点。当然也没对没错。 主要是看你要什么。短期的回报 还是长期的。
10 months · translate
Many people don’t expect this to happen. Now attractive or not, we will see how big fund act in the following weeks
10 months · translate
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