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I'm better than kyy. Pukimak ty yap guru lanciau lang and kyy and ooi teck Bee cibai kia.

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Hahahahaha. I have no kuku bird lah.
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Habislah boustead. Cepat lari lah. Target price is 60 cents year end
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Habislah boustead. Cepat lari
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Hahahahaha. Jgn harap lah.
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Hahaa. Jatuh again
1 week · translate
another wrong statement by a lousy dog
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Boustead sudah koyak. Lari cepat. Kalau tak. Habis lah Wang anda. Crazy punya orang beli boustead!
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Hahahahaha. Drop like hell. Target price is 70 cents
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serba dinamik same same
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