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yeah of course buying mother is smarter.. I think the warrant holder all sweating..100% premium hahaha.. wait how long to liquidate?
19 minutes · translate
funny.. you all buy son for what? 100 over % premium... room to drop is alot more... hahahaha
30 minutes · translate
actually what is there to shout about? so when your best performance last time is a D, getting C this time is good? oh gosh.... barely making profits since 2014 and just a normal manufacturing co
15 hours · translate
wait next Quarter for confirmation, this is one to watch for future
2 days · translate
what is 10m for future 10b company? too petty to be scared of a fine
2 days · translate
Again, using your fake account to only comment on PR lexus. love to see your reaction when QR is out next month
3 days · translate
Gnoey, RM10 not a dream. Just HODL
3 days · translate
HODL diamond gloves!
3 days · translate
They should speed up reporting to give confidence to market..
3 days · translate
You get direct access to an old name manufacturing laptops (HP, Acer, HP), apple airpods and now venturing to IOT and healthcare.. piggyback boost potential is big. They never had this chance in the past.
4 days · translate
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