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Compared to volume from few days ago, today sale is purely paper hand buyers. Likely contra only...nothing to be worried
1 week · translate
creating public fictitious contract is their next move... becareful
2 months · translate
nexia top auditor? more like top Petaling street auditor
2 months · translate
RIP, 现在人家专注 Tec Tec combo 了
3 months · translate

3 months · translate
3 months · translate
Darren, Serba also haven't announce settled position or not you aiming Vis?
3 months · translate
Karim also throw himself, use margin...Tan Sri Lim use cold hard cash. This is the difference between good and bad owner
3 months · translate
Mr Sexcited, go ahead and short. As astute investor, rather spend time elsewhere
3 months · translate
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