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Jun Wei

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Hey guy, now you can't get the free warrant anymore, that offer already expire, before the ex date you accout will appear the a OR, you need to do the subscription, then you OR will dissappear. Then this month 20th is the time for the free warrant and mother share come in to your account, if you without the subscription, then you will not get anything.

So if that time you do not wish to do the subscription, you should sell off your OR.
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想请问各位资深的朋友,假如我不subscribe ,把得到的OR卖了,我手上的母股会有什么影响吗?
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现在已经0. 91了, 我也要关眼睛了
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QR should be this month August
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Thanks for the reply, will wait for it :)
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Sorry to ask that, is there any reason this share keep drop? Buy price at 0.54, for long term I believe it still potential.
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