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Louis Lifelink Homecare

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people letting go because people play without holding power and coward. so much potential to fly, it's their loss anyway.
2 weeks · translate
sky blue,there are always people like that in the world, no need to be affected by 1 person's comment. this share is stronger than ever now
2 weeks · translate
lambo got so much surplus of cash to push price up. 10cent is easy peasy. will fly high high even elon musk rocket also cant chase.
2 weeks · translate
haha so continue to buy ya
3 weeks · translate
suddenly drop soon
4 weeks · translate
If everyone queueing 0.045 to sell retract your orders, then can go up! Haha
1 month · translate
can buy Now?
2 months · translate
sell luuuur
4 months · translate
after special div share price will drop ?
4 months · translate
Sabar sabar. The last time saya pun tunggu tak tahu berapa bulan dah haha
8 months · translate
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