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Tomorrow Up or Down hahahaha
3 days · translate
The upcoming storyline as follows:
1) SCIB sues KPMG
2) Directors of SCIB resigned, new appointmen and then resignation
3) Review to appoint new Auditor
4) Continue hanky panky
5) Malaysia Boleh
4 days · translate
Everyday is a another new oppotunity hahahahah this counter never failed to surprise
1 week · translate
First TP 0.38 and Second TP 0.35
1 week · translate
Becareful it could be Serbadk 2.0
1 week · translate
Guess this is a IPO of the year, shares price now is cheaper than IPO, need not to ballot and easy to get. Hahahahahah
1 week · translate
After the incident of Serbadk it can conclude that either Bursa Malaysia been sleeping all the time or Malaysia Boleh in everything. I help you, you help me.
1 week · translate
Simple by left to right pocket and vise versa
1 week · translate
Omg Revenue 37M Profit 11M but issued 2,200 Mil shares at RM1.10
2 weeks · translate
失望? 老板早就袋袋平安了 上司就是拿公众的钱赚公众的钱 目标只有一个那就是凑钱 股票上不上不是他们说了算
2 weeks · translate
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