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Pick9e 2u NONAME

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Joined Aug 2020


Limlili, I sao pei, you yaksi lar.
2 hours · translate
Cheap now. Lim Lili you yaksi lar.
2 hours · translate
Guys this Tasco is for long or mid term investment . Already told u guy about the TP made by the bank. Please go check yourself. If u guys like gamble and short term may goes out first. It is up to yourself. Do not escalate hate here. No manner one.
3 hours · translate
I am from Pick9e acedamy. Glove is my favorite. Due to KL market trend, Kantoi also lar
3 hours · translate
6 hours · translate
Not only me. The banks also gave good review on this counter's future.
7 hours · translate
Yam yam, u see the bank gave the good comment to Tasco or not? Please see the whole market signal first. It will up. Now is best price to enter already. Uptrend and bright Future.
7 hours · translate
Buy now, it is very cheap.
9 hours · translate
谢谢无常七月就call buy. 买到赚到。
10 hours · translate
The show started. Time to buy today as told.
11 hours · translate
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