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Haiya, latest QR so good, RM 4 i also dont accept.
10 months · translate
My TP:
Opening: RM 0.28
End of Morning Session: RM 0.29
End of Day: RM 0.30
11 months · translate
Schooling is a very awkward word to use in your context. It is not natural and doesn't seem quite right. You may say "This is not a classroom" instead.
11 months · translate
Wrong grammar. You should ask, "Has anyone received the refund?" or "Refunded yet?" Already should not be used when asking questions unless you are expressing surprise.

You should also not say, "You using Maybank?". You should say "Are you using Maybank?" This will make you sound more native and gain respect
11 months · translate
Yes yes and yes. Good questions but here nobody cares because PE low, doesn't matter whether is sustainable or not, as long low PE for semicon stock, first day listing can fly higher. Sometimes, when you got these kind of questions, you should already know why it is sold at such low PE. Quality goods don't come cheap.
11 months · translate
RUNNNN!!! WHEN RECESSION COMES who will buy furniture? Overvalued stock. Run while you can. Sell while price is high. Raw materials go up, homeritz cant make money. Runnn
12 months · translate
RGB will turn a profit. But won't be very high. Maybe RM 3 million?
12 months · translate
Worst stock for you. Good price for us. Hahahahaha
1 year · translate
Aeon Japanese and Local management will never dissapoint. Most Aeoncr customers will like to use syariah digital bank i think. Can cut cost by reducing physical stores. Also can take deposit, free money to lend.
1 year · translate
Digital Bank license is gamechanger because Aeoncr can now accept customer deposit. Whoever sell on news is not smart. This time, you better buy on news. Because Aeoncr may potentiallu worth RM 30 because of the license
1 year · translate
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