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Fool, I do not know who is getting the orders. But based on Nike's annual report, the top 5 garment suppliers to Nike inc are getting more and more market share each year. But I believe it is actually the top 3 who are getting the orders.

In the same period, China's market share to Nike drop from almost 30% to only 20%, Vietnam's market share went from 20% to 30%. I believe this is because China manufacturers are migrating factories to Vietnam.... continue above, I edit comment above
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China businesses including Taiwan is gaining even more. If you check Nike's website, you will discover the top garment supplier by workforce is Shenzhou, a very big Chinese garment company.

The rest are smaller than Shenzhou but tied, they are Tai Wah, Nice Apparel, Nanyang. Magni Tech is around the 5th to 6th largest by workforce. All those competitors I mentioned are Chinese companies, Tai Wah is a Malaysian company. But they all have control over raw materials, unlike Magni Tech
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Fool and Tiang very bad QR ahead. I understand what you two said. I m okay with what you said.

But QR will be very bad. Go check Eclat, another Nike supplier. Its September sales fall alot.

I expect next QR for Magni to be around RM 12 million
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I also remind you Nike can switch suppliers very fast. Cambodia has replaced Thailand, and Vietnam has replaced China as supplier to Nike. In just 2 years time. You think Nike can't do the same to Magni Tech?
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Things will get worse and worse from here.
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Fool, do you know wat happen to the furniture industry in Vietnam? Their profit almost collapse due to competition from China investment. Now the same thing is happening to Garments. China is going into Vietnam and cut prices to entice large manufacturers like Nike and bid up labour and raw materials cost. The last quarter profit fell 20 percent because Vietnamese production factors are getting more expensive due to scarcity.
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Lol, u bought a value trap. Prepare to lose money. So many investors don't understand the severity of the garment industry in vietnam

1. More manufacturers opening factories in Vietnam, means more competition

2. Big brands want to diversify outside of Vietnam and China. Vietnam is already full, no longer the preferred supplier.

3. Magni tech can only supply to Nike. Huge risk. There is no way for Magni tech to manage risk in no. 1 and no. 2.

4. Value trap.
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Pls understand the garment business before talking ya
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Why go up so slow? I m waiting for RM 40
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Magni Tech golden days is over. Don't buy value trap. Raw material prices are going to be high for years to come. More and more garment factories will open in Vietnam. Nike will want to diversify out of Vietnam to avoid supply chain disruption. RM 1.50 i also won't touch
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