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Mina 我的价钱跟你差不多 但是注意这几天不要跌超过0.465就好了 你就握着如果是for 短期
长期我个人是看好下个QR 的赚上1m
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不要相信太多Call Buy... 在这里写的都可以删,每天会fly 真的飞post 留着,跌了就delete only
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wow 走宝了...
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最佳Caely 导购员
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希望今天站稳0.475 关, 接下来几天要突破 0.485 不然一直横摆
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Lim Kong, all information u can get from the Annual Report. ??
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Chirstopher 其实你可以去读他们的Report 的资料 最主要先了解他们靠什么生意是主要收入来源,我个人看法对于他们的Fabric Mask 市场价钱即使不理想 还是会给他们有相对的盈利。
贵公司在7月31 在美国拿到了关于医疗产品的准证,这个季度是从6-9月来看 期间只有给他们1个月出产至美国市场,都能转亏为盈
接下来我是挺看好的,疫情刚爆发许多国家没有经验处理,持续了那么久 经济活动几乎恢复了,在这期间 他们还有走进孟加拉和几个市场,不止减少成本还扩大了顾客圈
BTW Disclamer No Buy Sell Call ??
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Well Done QR positive ??
Not focusing on produce Mask, as I study the report they also got produce another PPE (suit /shoes) as well.
Last two QR negative because of many targeted customer’s countries are lock down and caused it lost their L-T partner, they tried to find another customer based as well to solve it ??
Besides, they still got construction contracts to process related to affordable house program hope it will bring more revenue ??
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Is ok for my view 一次性的载送没有长期的稳定性 适合短期吧 btw hope all shareholder gain a lot ??
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这个可以运疫苗? 还是什么原因飞了
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