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will correct a bit and rocket gais :)
1 month · translate
why sell too early?
1 month · translate
news follow the chart. never trust any announcement. it can be created and cancel anytime. even QR can be adjusted.
1 month · translate
u buy 38k lot.. still ask people meh??
1 month · translate
will go to the moon gais :)
1 month · translate
ready to go gais :)
1 month · translate
will meroket gais :)
1 month · translate
in stock, do u make money from dividend or capital gain? dont u realize how many percent it has been depreciated? dont con people here. its not good to make money by pushing other people.
2 months · translate
lucky for those who follow my advice few months ago. just leave this stock.
2 months · translate
this stock will go higher gais ;)
4 months · translate
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