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2 weeks · translate
@ David Wong stop replying me, I am not keen to communicate with someone low class like u, really mempersiaxuikan retailers... go back cry to ur parents , stock market is too dangerous for a kid like you... go play masak instead of share...
3 weeks · translate
Bursa said serbadk has to appoint auditor not only independent reviewer otherwise serbadk will be penalized, Monday Limit Down!
3 weeks · translate
nanti terus menjunam...
3 weeks · translate
didnt buy, just come watch show saje...
last time 0.16 buy 0.18sold already, earn a plate of chicken rice saje
3 weeks · translate
dead? I keep on add on....
my portfolio - serbadk 50 % genetec 25% genting / genm 25% , dead? u must be kidding me
3 weeks · translate
yes , but the upward pressure is low, no catalyst
some more the expected return is low, not interesting
wish you all good luck, u might be the right one
3 weeks · translate
Am Research 给 dialog TP RM 4.15 和 Yinson RM 7.20?
叫他们自己买,傻的。。广东话我们叫 sotblak的。
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
one day show, hahahaha
who kena trapped again?
1 month · translate
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