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仙股不可以随便买的 除非懂得看庄 就算懂得看庄 庄还是有办法剪散户手中的票的
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i buy que at 0.45 some one throw me some chips please :)
1 month · translate
base on experience not mere positive thinking ;)
2 months · translate
adjusted up is useless when total quantity is low it's too easy to push in any direction. hahahaha
2 months · translate
share conso will minus you share quantity you say good or not?
2 months · translate
9am already chart still cannot see wth
2 months · translate
tunggu dulu pagi naik petang mesti junam, kutip sessi petang kakakakakaaka
2 months · translate
down somemore nak sapu somemore the more the better collect collect collect hahahahahahahahahah
2 months · translate
going to have discount soon another counter which must collect kuat kuat ngek ngek ngek
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