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@peter - I still got add 0.8+ ticket for these 2 day….. need keep some fund for cheaper ticket ….. this miti is same case like Coraza also……..thank you for you info….
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@lam - glad to see you back here , thank you very much first for your advice about Agmo last few month , manage to escape the down trend. I still add on again on ECA yesterday. Btw you still look at TTVHB - already start down trend - have any idea when can start enter already or still expensive? Thank you very much first……
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@peter Leo - nice to know you here , good luck first , take a good rest for a better future….. hope you will always active here. Thank you very much first…..
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@Peter Leo - anything happen to you? You resign ?
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@Peter Leo - I already start wave start friday , maybe I start too early , so sorry due to my business busyness, I only log in here when I am free…so sorry sometime reply you late. I am still new at market so still got many thing need to learn again…. Be patience is a must for investing….. thank you very much first
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@Peter Leo - yup , I won enter if price too high , still have a lot of good counter now is undervalued ……just wait see future got adjustment then start enter agaiagain….thank very much for your advice……
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@Elon Yaya - please respect those who own coraza share …… you are insulting those who look good for this company …. You can get angry but use good words…. 老 千 is not a good word….. sorry first no offence ….. thank you very much
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@peter Leo - oppstar if around rm1.3 till rm1.8 is consider still a good price to enter ? Can give some advice? I know listing price won got come cheap ticket….thank you very much first
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@WO NG - i really miss year 2022 , sfp n cnergen n Coraza got a lot of time for collect ticket. Recently tech ipo listing too hot…. Too fast n expensive ticket if no get ipo apply…. But this company is good for long run…. I also waiting for ttv for adjustment price to enter….
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Thank you for your oppstar youtube video…… if did not get ipo stok donno first day open will how much the price? First day got rm1.++ ?
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