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hai 各位没有回答到点上, 其实如果非Reits公司在分红钱已经被charge了一个24% corporate tax, 所以非reits 公司拿到的股息就不用再付税了。REITs 是另一种不同的entity, 公司的盈利不需要上交24%的 corporate tax (假设公司把90%的盈利派给股东),所以股东拿到股息要付10%的股息。 拿24%-10%= 14% reits 是有税务优惠的,不过外国的更好,是0%
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I have written a letter to their CFO, actually, they can issue a new 70% of shares, 20% new issue shares + 50% right issue, if they max out the quota, then the new total outstanding shares will increase from 686.40 to 1166.88 million shares. Actually this reit securely destroy shareholder values, DPS and share price keep drop from year to year...
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company samseng, ckp bersar mau sue kmpg, org tak layak jadi auditor, skrg harga turun lebih cpt. ingat sendiri sangat hebat & pandai...haha padan muka.
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trivial matter? lol..betina samseng chairman
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1) KPMG is a shoplot auditor
2) we are paying them a thousand Ringgits, they should be work with us, but they are dictating us.
3) they are officer gangsters
4)they don't deserve to be auditor in this country
5) I will speak to the govt to take action on Kmpg
6. They mislead the directors, misled the Bursa, misled the SC
7. I don’t care if they hide because any veil or vehicle or Act they have
8. Their audit procedures are sub-standard, I am shocked when I see these trivial matters

**no 6-8 credits from Kenapa.
some fierce words from Datuk Mohamed Ilyas Pakeer Mohamed in yesterday special announcement meeting, wow political people dah masuk.
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大家知不知道以后买屋子可以不用先付booking fees了?这对property developer 会有一些影响? 大家知不知道房地产是资金是1-3年回笼? 大家知不知道这家公司以往net profit 报出来的 和 现金流的cash flow statement 差距很大?大家知不知道这家公司每年都会发很多DRIP来稀释股东权益? 大家知道不知道这家公司的大股东拿到利息都转换成新股了? 大家知不知道这家公司在bangsar south 有 oversupply 的问题? 大家只知道这家公司派股息0.14可以对冲FD的1.5% rate 所以很划算,可是刚刚股价回调了一点,就吓到尿出来,还什么长期投资,哈哈。
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哈哈~ comel ya semua, haha
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结果股价掉了几仙,就怕了,haha。短期预测股价起涨没啥意思,准了顶过是运气和时运。长期持有最怕坚持了不该坚持的东四,如果因为是股价跌而慌了神,证明你对公司的业务不了解,而不是来这里看人家comment。 股市买卖自由,不需要人家讲了你持有公司的股票不好的话而愤怒,毕竟股市短期价格是供给决定走势,长期这是看公司业绩表现。。如果1个月股价动了一点就慌慌张张,那么和goreng kaki 有何不同呢? ~与大家共勉,祝各位投资愉快。
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need to value of busines sector too, real esate in malaysia have oversupply problem...in long-run the ability of company to generate more revenue remain uncertain.
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How you lock-in the 8% DY? Share price are fluctuate all the times? Just need to drop a few cent is enough to called your 8DY...unless you buying bonds.
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