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Lockdown? One sector will benefit from this.. look closely..

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u need proper financing to get digital bank license.. hahaha
Yesterday · translate
what u mean unexpected? poor financial company to become pn17. is not rocket science.. only goreng ppl cannot see
Yesterday · translate
road to 0.52
Yesterday · translate
haha good news? airasia just cancel 4 flights for CNY and refunded money.. very good news.. :)
Yesterday · translate
lol this ahokong still so desperate.. why trade on poor cash company when u can actually go trade tech stock in NYSE.. there got so many cheap tickets to grab now.. good solid fundamental company with solid future
2 days · translate
is this good news?
6 days · translate
hahahaha still dare speculate
6 days · translate
lol there is no buy and sell 0.565 and 0.635 at same volume.. u lying who? every transaction can be clearly seen..
6 days · translate
day trader buy.. because normally big dive will have small bounce back..
6 days · translate
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