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good choice.. but becareful healthcare got time limit..
7 hours · translate
i thought u missing d.. left paikia alone
8 hours · translate
paikia where is ur fren? long time missing d..
11 hours · translate
this is one example of people that read book.. read 1st and last chapter then do conclusion.. haha.. i say if profit 10-20% can take profit.. have a trading strategy.. this have always been my advice.. please go and read back..
12 hours · translate
talk to u is like talking to wall la.. no matter what we say also u will shout die hard winner.. whats the point talking to a wall? today not even green.. unchanged also come noisy.. haiz.. please note that there is no buy and sell call if you are not a licensed broker.. so if u want publicly call ppl buy that is ur choice.. we can only advice trading strategy.. not buy or sell call.. newbie.. tonight sleep happy ok.. 0.85 yesterday today 0.85.. u very happy d.. drop from 1.27.. haha
1 day · translate
haha stuck at penthouse ke? dont cry because u chase high..
1 day · translate
dividen 1sen je.. wont impact much on price.. now price already drop more than that.. so worse come to worse only 1 sen diff..
1 day · translate
ini tasco always no give chance wan.. if wan they suddenly will shot up wan.. last time also miss.. so if u feel price is right for u can just direct buy.. maybe buy by few batch..
1 day · translate
attractive price oo now.. wait few days see how.. dont fly fast fast ya.. fly slow slow.. lets see after dividen..
1 day · translate
lol look at your comment? who need calm down more?
1 day · translate
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