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Be patience. Trying to form flag pattern
1 week · translate
Azwan, bro we stay at condo
1 month · translate
EPF is buying. Definitely is worth to hold
2 months · translate
EPF playing tricks, last week buy then today morning dispose low to push price lower then sapu back again
2 months · translate
Gap up soon?
2 months · translate
Yah, too many peoples need money from EPF
2 months · translate
EPF Dispose here go buy Inari. But this counter still good to hold as now is uptrend
2 months · translate
As long as it its green its ok for those who have trust in AAX
2 months · translate
I'm seeing something is forming
2 months · translate
At least can buy one pack of nasi lemak if you own less unit
3 months · translate
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