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May be ppl prefer to pohkong and tomei since the gold is damn increasing...
2 hours · translate
Aiyooo... Diehard winner is talking nice nice now woh...not bad lar, at least can control his tamper.. But he still don't know what is his problem actually... Never mind boys and girls, you all can read the comments that written by him.. OK lar, ko ko wants to rest rest. Won't disturb this AA group anymore...Hope all SIFUs here won't boom you kau kau if you said HOLD in this group...
19 hours · translate
Lai, sifu Warren, can buy AA mui?
23 hours · translate
Aiyooo.... Really diehard winner... You damn fear of being defeated!!! Give you win lar.... Hahaha
1 day · translate
Aiyooo.... Relax lar.... Calm down lar... Why so serious? Please control your tamper... How to become sifu if like that lor...Hahaha
1 day · translate
Hi, JQ. thanks for your feedback. Am asking JOHN LI ZHU ZHAO since he is expert at AA... He can ask ppl to sell at the peak price of 1.27!!! I'm waiting his answer..
1 day · translate
Lai Lai Lai, diehard winner aka John li zhu zhao plus sifu.... Today will turn red boh?? Lots of ppl want to know....can buy boh???
1 day · translate
Aiyooo... Again, again and again!!!! Oh my English!!!!... Hahaha...
1 day · translate
"when i advise to take profit 1.27 got people say they will fly without me.." (John li zhu zhao, 2021)....this is the best quote ever this mid of the year even Tony also lose to him!! Lai, sifu... Tell everyone here, can we buy AA today?
1 day · translate
Weiyohhh... Not even know everything about AA and all stocks.. Now, know everything about ppl feeling... Really diehard winner aka big talker!!! Lai Lai Lai... Tell everyone here today is green or red?... Fast fast tell everyone!! Don't later BLOW BIG BOOM again...
1 day · translate
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