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久违了。。TCS。。 (´・ω・`)
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也没有啦 之前有做风险管理 然后59左右 再加仓 所以平均价较低
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对啊 难得一见的绿色 哈哈
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我的平均价在61.4吧 没记错的话
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我是觉得不太好。。看看同行的业绩 都逐渐有了起色,hlbank pbb mbb rhb 这几个的盈利在QoQ 都有不错的增长,反而mbsb 还不增反跌,但是 整体来说 还是情有可原的,mbsb 与 这些同行的市场 不同,mbsb 的市场更加关注与 b40 m40 而不是高收入群体,这也直接导致了 loan impairment loss 这么的高,经济低迷,很多人还不了贷款(尤其是低收入群体)...
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The Group reported a Profit Before Tax (PBT) of RM111.28 million for the 1Q21, a decline of 46.02% or RM94.88 million from the 4Q20 mainly due to higher net impairment, modification loss charged from the extension of moratorium for B40/M40 and lower operating revenue. On a year on year basis, the PBT increased by RM150.26 million from a loss position of RM38.98 million.
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可能他跟我一样还没买够便宜票 (#^.^#)
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qr report ended 31dec... can anyone explain?
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perfect... 0.28 matched
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still can lahhh, although expecting it will be around 8m, could see a significant increase on cost of sales, but revenue increases compare to the quarter last year, no details from the qtr report sadly(;^_^A
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