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be careful everyone ya- set yourself cut loss point
6 months · translate
i m waiting the double top forming...haha
6 months · translate
newbie then need to pay fee in bursa to learn a lesson..evreyone same..
6 months · translate
calvin..oppstar yesterday trap alot ppl at 2.6above..
hard to let them escape in short period..
6 months · translate
calvin super pro..can able to run in this price...salute and congratz!
big profit in 1month
6 months · translate
siti..i cant advise this..
every decision in stock market need to decide by own..no1 can help
6 months · translate
i see too many type chart like this.
msc, topglove..all do double top like this.
for those who din run in 1st round, can run at here.

why i confident it is double top?
because share price up triple, high chance it is double top.
if share price only rise around double, maybe it got chance to up more
6 months · translate
double top is coming.. for sure
6 months · translate
almost double top..gogogo
6 months · translate
later afternoon will sell down again..
3rd green candle always very shake..
6 months · translate
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