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Get money be funny. I'm Lee Bet Jee. Nice to 捏油by the way 法克鱿

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wa diuuuu lo,tis uncle mali sini will make saya loss gaogao,today genting mao limit down kah ? good qr pun drop like hell,rugilah me
3 days · translate
wah diuuuuuuu,谁跟我讲某油钉做定了的????搞到我全部股票低点丢完,马的现在才来大起?
1 week · translate
骗人啦sstan,飞飞飞,得把口乱说来骗人,tipu orong
1 week · translate
马击败!!!4.07 cut loss!!!!then fly back?total loss 20k!!!
1 week · translate
woiiii,jangan tipu orong sstan!!!整天说有戏结果是骗人进场中牢
2 weeks · translate
woiiii,whut thu fuk? cheebye genting untung also no up why? dak mau give me duit nasi?
2 weeks · translate
cheebye蛋,你不要一直骗人,tipu orong!!!!
2 weeks · translate
woiiii,cheebye sstan为什么要骗人?不要以为你删除留言我就找不到你!!!
2 weeks · translate
woiiiiii ,sstan kenapa u tipu orong?you make me kena taolao 饿到我没钱吃饭要瘦mang mang料!!!!cheebye!!!
2 weeks · translate
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