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what the drop ? why always drop like qr loss money ? rm6 tp should be come
5 days · translate
fark fark fark !!! why drop ? you this BAT make me loss many liao I veli fire now ! Lagi add lagi drop ? ! what the fark ?
2 months · translate
3 months · translate
MCB La This BAT what they do ? why no good money for me ? I cannot lose .If I lose I loss my money to get food !!! Mr BAT please give me more more money tommorrow I sell RM20 1000UNITS tolong lah buy my 1000units I want maney eat rice
3 months · translate
then you diam diam lor what you want to do no good jiu no good lor you say more also no up up no down down ma
3 months · translate
walao ehhh 谁禁言我那么久?马的!diuuuuu nia ma chee bet !!!!! 6.8 的why not 8.6 ?come back la 我的钱钱,我要吃kfc
4 months · translate
还好我cut loss不然真的气到我‘fire淋滚’这个骗人油股我以后都不会相信它了,他跟rapid没有分别,一样是害我亏糕糕
4 months · translate
4 months · translate
go up la cepat I want 脱套,cepat faster
4 months · translate
wahlao eh I dont buy you up up When I buy you drop drop ?
4 months · translate
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