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This user has been posting inappropriate comments recently.
y less ppl talking about this counter recently?
5 days · translate
told u all to run during 2.10 some con artist asked to buy hahhahah
1 week · translate
who am i not important, lol pity u tony lim loss alot in bursa. reversely i won alot
1 week · translate
in ur dream? where is ur fake id tony lim and lean shop? lol pity u
1 week · translate
expected tony lim appear n bark but unfortunately his id being reported until cannot comment...hahahaaha..
2 weeks · translate
that joker call buy during 1.20 many stil stay in condo. paper loss at least 50%. now sc is looking for him. wish him rip
2 weeks · translate
hahahahahhaha..tony lim
2 weeks · translate
that idiot name tony lim. 30 days ago no comment. maybe ppl report him for fraud and vulgar.....lol
3 weeks · translate
the id ppl report till cannot comment already. lmao
1 month · translate
many fake account by the same person..lmao. intention is clear. just mark these few and report them
1 month · translate
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