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6 days · translate
hafiz, ho jason call buy is time to sell. ho jason call sell is time to buy. but ho jason disappeared, i dont know what to do
1 week · translate
walau still so strong. cant enter back de.
1 week · translate
why not drops ?i want to buy back below 0.45...i still looking for ho jason.he missing for so many days
1 week · translate
important notice: I am looking for a guy call ho jason. He suddenly disappeared after guh turn green 7 conservative day. Hope he not short guh until bankrupt. ho jason i we want belanja you makan.pls dont disappeared. i gain 18.25k after sold guh at 0.505/0.51.
3 weeks · translate
kelvin tam and kelvin tram same guys lah. dont jeolous i gain huge because i bought few hundred k guh from price 0.405-0 .45. too be ego kelvin tram.
3 weeks · translate
kelvin tram.if you dont know dont talk too much. you think you smart than EPF ?FFB momentum coming back, business perform well. At least 1.70 in few month
3 weeks · translate
huat gao gao.ho jason short left panties
4 weeks · translate
dont worry.i support at 0.245...
1 month · translate
greenyb next counter to fly.grab the chance
1 month · translate
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