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Chocolate is still chocolate ; what to replace with chocolate ? Haha

Demand is still there , chocolate can be a crave
2 weeks · translate
They are going to adjust the ASP due to shortage of chocolate . Margin will start going up , I won’t be surprise to see a breakthrough for the next quarter.

The issue now is shortage of chocolate in the market , but GCB has secure enough supply to supply for the whole FY2024. It’s a very good position now

I foresee coming to break all time high soon. RM 4 let’s go
2 weeks · translate
Cocoa prices starting to cool down , boss recently mentioned the demand is still strong , rest of the year remained healthy , easily GCB will be back to 2.50 to 3.00 level based on the current market condition .
3 weeks · translate
I think looking at the movement will go all time high , something is brewing .
3 weeks · translate
Finally break 2 ringgit , next level 2.20 ? All the way to 2.50 by end of the month
3 weeks · translate
Poor outlook ? Are you sure ?
Recently posted 1.8B revenue , despite the rise is cocoa beans they are still in profit .

The bosses buy the share because they know the company is undervalued simple as that .

Once the cocoa bean price is stabilized , good money will come , easily back to rm 3 or even higher level
1 month · translate
I don’t think it will go down anymore , it will continue to up to stabilize at 2.50 level
1 month · translate
Buying all the way to 2 . I think next month May reached back to 2.50 level
1 month · translate
Congrats everyone , those who buy gong xi haha
1 month · translate
Today support strong wo.Hopefully tomorrow uptrend , go back to rm 2.50 level
1 month · translate
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