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Cut loss or cut win ?

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yutaka always no need see until delist very the good dumb assh0le
5 hours · translate
hailat la 4.6 come the back come the back
9 hours · translate
jibaiiiii 668millon profit only why not 668 billion ? diu9you lo petscam how my rm8.6 cost come back ?
13 hours · translate
Humga bank doesnt humga up ! chaojibai la
13 hours · translate
hamga drop mali no up liao
17 hours · translate
pokgai的咯这个懒觉银行,maybank up up up public bank down down down yak sh1t 啦
1 day · translate
you says are right cut loss better
1 day · translate
cow market mali genting pon dak mau up
1 day · translate
tipu orang de la,nanti tutup pasar humga drop mali rm4.6 stading up
1 day · translate
susah lo humga lim mau make you loss kaw kaw
1 day · translate
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