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price is at Ma20 daily ready for a rebound.
need to stay above Gann 49 first.
1 day · translate
now lets see.

alert given.
1 week · translate
Higher high, higher low, why you buy high? now you sorrow
1 month · translate
Told you !!..approaching first TP
1 month · translate
No big shark buying in first session..careful
1 month · translate
Just 1 more Gann and we're out...Lets see.
1 month · translate
Good closing anyway..Next week with retailers with kwsp money coming
1 month · translate
Still valid..very much valid.
1 month · translate
Dont go big with this one fearful.
We see other stock already and let profit with Sendai runs
1 month · translate
Finally..yes...We target next Gann
1 month · translate
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