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SUBANG JAYA (March 19): The Ministry of Transportation has delivered a proposal paper to the Public Private Partnership Unit (PPP) to privatise the management of six marinas it is handling currently including at Pulau Mentagor which was never used since it ...
TheEdge20 Mar, 2019 01:24am - 4 hours ago

JOHOR BAHRU (March 19): Police today arrested two more suspects over the illegal dumping of chemical wastes in Sungai Kim Kim, Pasir Gudang. Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said the suspects aged 27 and 41 were arrested in Pasir Gudang ...
TheEdge20 Mar, 2019 01:19am - 4 hours ago

JOHOR BAHRU (March 19): The Kim Kim River, which was polluted following the dumping of chemical wastes 13 days ago, is confirmed clean and safe, said Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin. However, it will be monitored ...
TheEdge20 Mar, 2019 01:14am - 4 hours ago

KLANG (March 19): Klang will become the nation’s first Royal Heritage and Digital City in Malaysia by 2035. Klang Municipal Council (MPK) president Datuk Mohamad Yasid Bidin said if all parties including experts and professionals are fully involved in its development, ...
TheEdge20 Mar, 2019 00:58am - 4 hours ago

ALOR SETAR (March 19): The Government will study the Felda Settlers Consultation Committee’s proposal for compassionate money of RM500 be given to each of the 30,000 Felda settlers despite the fact that the Federal Government is facing financial constraints. Economic Affairs ...
TheEdge20 Mar, 2019 00:43am - 5 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR (March 19): The Pakatan Harapan (PH) Government will decide soon whether to repeal or amend the Sedition Act 1948, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Liew Vui Keong said. He said the matter was under review and in essence, ...
TheEdge20 Mar, 2019 00:39am - 5 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR (March 19): Based on corporate announcements and news flow today, companies that may be in focus on Wednesday (March 20) may include the following: Salcon Bhd, T7 Global Bhd, Uzma Bhd, LKL International Bhd, JAG Bhd, Green Packet Bhd, Malaysian ...
TheEdge20 Mar, 2019 00:34am - 5 hours ago

Nanyang20 Mar, 2019 00:00am - 5 hours ago

在没有良好激励因素的引领下,马股的交投走势显现横摆向下。 整体大市成功重返1690点水平线上。富时隆综指于3月19 日闭市时报
Nanyang20 Mar, 2019 00:00am - 5 hours ago

(吉隆坡19日讯)IJM(IJM,3336, 主板建筑股)的基建业务表现良好,尤其是关丹港口,自铝土矿开采解禁后,前几天已做成了第一单铝土矿
Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:58pm - 5 hours ago

Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:57pm - 5 hours ago

(吉隆坡19日讯)我国1月罕见陷入通缩后,大马评估机构(RAM)预测,2月消费者物价指数(CPI)将继续萎缩,预计按年跌0.2%。 不
Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:56pm - 5 hours ago

Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:55pm - 5 hours ago

Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:55pm - 5 hours ago

Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:50pm - 5 hours ago

达洋企业(DAYANG ,5141,主板能源股)的日线股价趋势于3月19日进入一段调整走势中,陷入一段短期调整趋势时跌破1.60令吉后以1.
Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:45pm - 6 hours ago

PUTRAJAYA (March 19): The app, Price Catcher, compiles information on the prices of over 400 essential consumer goods and is updated with the latest functions to help consumers plan their purchases. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail ...
TheEdge19 Mar, 2019 23:43pm - 6 hours ago

目标价:4.85令吉 最新进展: 贺特佳(HARTA,5168,主板保健股)在过去6个月,交货时间已经从60至70天,缩
Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:40pm - 6 hours ago

目标价:2.62令吉 最新进展: 成功多多(BJTOTO,1562,主板消费股)截至今年1月杪第三季,净利微跌0.27%
Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:35pm - 6 hours ago

目标价:1.94令吉 最新进展: AXIS产托(AXREIT,5106,主板产托股)截至去年12月底,旗下资产的出租率达
Nanyang19 Mar, 2019 23:30pm - 6 hours ago

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