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currently the company only value 100m , and the company net profit yearly is around 4m ,
some more look through the report , if add on the recently ESOS share price , the company inside at least have cash till around 50m .

1) low value now
2) earning company 4m profit yearly
3) cash 60m inside
4) doing medical issue
5) got property plant and machine
6) share on mtronic and sanichi

a earning company , let them doing like a cafe or a bubbletea shop.

but the share value is damn low now , as the shark going to play, some more look the report , the shark only left few share around 15-20% share , mean market have 80%-85% is our small fish hand , so if in the forum here have people who is familiar in shareholder issue , maybe could gather all our small cake to make a big potion in the company and to launch egm and removal the director , then can save the company . hope have some1 come out , i will fully support .( i have 1000 share . bought at 0.30 , worth 300k .)
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shaiful nizam
Im at .295
Izit worth to wait?
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run... after right issue u lose more. at least get back some chicken rice money
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Desmond Lee
only u will invest RM300k in this kind of paper con pany....RM300K gone case GG become 30k soon
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Nam Lim
after invest at sanichj I personally Dun’t think the company still hold 50 M cash , maybe less that 10 M , this raise sound a hard to schedule, If it succeeds, it should be the major shareholder who is worried. I just feel that one thing is wrong is whether their contract to buy the test agent in Thailand is real.
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Desmond Lee
Make Report to [email protected]
Log report against them let them and let them investigate
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