KLCI跌破1500..... 大马可以改名叫荷兰料。。。
Just now
Suns Legendary replied
Hopefully will next week will continues uptrend
1 minute
KW Liew replied
1 minute
Adam Sze replied
Still expensive... Projected it's revenue will be drop more in the coming quarter
1 minute
Ng Wai Chong replied
行情不好,小量買进 !因为不知低点在何处 ?
2 minutes
Ah Choon Wong replied
3 minutes
Sam 小凤CH 徐 replied
yep. closed around 51.5. still ok
3 minutes
Sayuti Abdullah replied
你给你的先 嘻嘻。。。
4 minutes
Barry Allen replied
6 minutes
冲百万 replied
lol bom burst dig
7 minutes
Boo man replied
halo,harry 好久不见,哈哈哈
7 minutes
Max Wong replied
8 minutes
KB Chan replied
9 minutes
Ng Chin Huey replied
10 minutes
爱丽丝 replied
Still can buy or not? 很多人急了啦.......
11 minutes
Yvonne Cheah replied
它的 roe 及 roic 都高过 p/e 一倍以上,这已经苻合買进的首要条件 !
12 minutes
Ah Choon Wong replied
谁是 sp2u???????
12 minutes
Suns Legendary replied
Andrew u r right, but today my hand itchy in 0.2 oledi if drop 0.19 I cut lose don't know OK or not like tat
14 minutes
Kian Vun replied
QR tak keluar hari ini?
14 minutes
Daniel Tan replied
失望 ! 老板pokai.
16 minutes
Yong Teck Wee replied
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