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DUFU 259
Don funny la
Lisuk Tan replied
17 minutes
My enter 2.6
JH Yap replied
50 minutes
MRCB 373
Tommorow over 80 sen
Han Khoo replied
1 hour
yes next target
Eng Hong Tan
1 hour
keep for 1 year. u have the chance to recoup back
Eddy Khoo replied
1 hour
GCB 180
亚洲一年需要的可可粉是六十万吨,源宗(GCB)只供应其中八万 吨,还有很大扩充空间
Mk Mason
1 hour
bila mau naik lg
Soo Öön Lam replied
2 hours
Pe 有点高hdjdhdurjfjfiri
ss tan replied
2 hours
GENM 2013
Warren, gcb 和 gemb 的财报一定会很好。谢谢Warren
Jerry Liew replied
2 hours
because not adjusted to the share split
Alex Yap replied
2 hours
while government plans to increase the renewable energy from 2% to 20% at 2025, will this beneficial boilerm?
cheon hiap Yeoh
2 hours
股息到底这次有多少?不是只有4 sen?
Yi Heng replied
3 hours
JAG 21
somebody happily pickup
Mr Ong Ti Chiang
3 hours
i got same dream with u.. u done well
Freddie Kkc replied
3 hours
I think it made sense,those without roadtax/kereta/Lori/motor hantu should not be eligible for subsidy
Mr Ong Ti Chiang
3 hours
both same price, dun know how to decide.
Michael Lai replied
3 hours
60 coming.....
Mr man
4 hours
good news leaked
Mr man
4 hours
我也是还沒有卖,我對这間公司非常有信心,等上了 0.30 才卖。
Peter Ho replied
4 hours
You must know self is what kind of player. Cannot hold long term, don't listen so much. Set a target and run go for others. Market and chance have many over there
Jsheng Zhang
4 hours
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