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Poonwv Poon
hopefully next week green green & evergreen...i hate red...
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pijot ape2aje replied
I just wanna invest 20k to prove gain some 50%, people sell down SCIB and Kpower might be of market reaction of serbak, but, it is far yet to prove these 2 sisters have issues of financial accounts too, soon clarification will be made on these 2, and major shareholders are collecting this at the dip..
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Huat Lah replied
Yip Jacky 请问1粒warrant 价值2.3吗?
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chau lim replied
jason 我还hold 着1.03的票
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DawscpJ replied
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Sian Jin Low replied
Nanyang are u sleeping.
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William Quek
Better bcareful
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steve ethan replied
你上对车。。等下就start engine 了
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Wee Chuan replied
If very big amount better hold...after close gap normally strong reversal up
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Firdaus Nordin replied
哇 这种三脚猫功夫2k?我来给你tips更好,输的话 我退完钱给你
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Kah Liang replied
ni saham boleh bg kaya...tapi jgn gembira nanti pulang bg dia blik
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Long Lee
This had induced other market participants into the market. The participants bid at higher prices or queued at their facilitated price levels, after which he would cancel the buy orders and turn seller to dispose of his outstanding shares at the higher prices.
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股谈风云 replied
agree..invest like investor,
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kim kim replied
hi handsome, u got very good question. but most of the people here wont care how they split because here is stock market, not solving his franchise issue. maybe u can give a call to vincent tan. haha if go online, the main point is earnings for the company. they actually can seperate out the online business to one individual online sales profit, or by based on the branch user register etc..... one suggestion u can ask sme. hope answer your question. thank handsome.
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Ah Hui replied
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