so we can we buy in now? At 0.130
Just now
Chan Kuok Yee replied
Careplus PE is still higher than comfort, supermax.... Sure more room to drop.. Please stay away
1 minute
rm1.1/1 /0.90
1 minute
Alex Yap Choon Fatt replied
going back to pre mco? 2.64x3=7.92 now, if around 5 is 1.7?
1 minute
Sean L
现在你们看好什么股,可以介绍下吗 。。。
1 minute
Chan Kuok Yee replied
back to 0.20
2 minutes
Kwe Liow
2.4还是在低估范围 冷眼说过去买那些没人买的股票 收它2-3年 会给你不错的回酬
3 minutes
Marco Ooi replied
病毒共存那么久了,妈的IPHONE 还那么多人买 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 仙家跌
3 minutes
肚腩神 replied
Ricardo 我也还没卖 哈哈哈
3 minutes
Chin TN replied
very low price for a 3 bil cash rich share despite ASPs going lower.
3 minutes
Ee Beng Heng
4 minutes
Kian Loong Loh replied
4 minutes
Soon Wei Lee
huge profitable quarter report will be announce very soon!!!
4 minutes
Vincent Wong
4 minutes
纹詳爱.旅游 replied
5.5 我進多兩粒。。。。。
4 minutes
Bdi high is just a indicate, doesn't mean profit is same level as bdi.
4 minutes
huhu haha replied
5 minutes
Lucas Yap replied
6 minutes
Steven Gan replied
6 minutes
陈冠骅 replied
电动出票机,只可惜现在睡觉没人敢入套。Sell on news 是对的。News out 没起,直接cut。
7 minutes
Kuen Loke replied
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