Fishy or Sharky also nvm, I'm staying very high condo
Just now
Sam Lai replied
FGV......1.37 又再可以进回,賺了三次了,爽!
Just now
Ah Choon Wong replied
Big boss, buy lower price...
1 minute
Teoh Kian Wei
120m divide 26 month =4.6m per month One quarter =additional revenue 13.8m 13.8m x 6.8%profit margin =941k per quarter
1 minute
Teh o Ice replied
2 minutes
盲俠無之乎 replied
2 minutes
Eric Fong
4 minutes
Baby Shark replied
这个sanichi 不要buy call, 明知道是老千股 有赚就好,不要buy call 害人
6 minutes
Lee Ee Chen replied
7 minutes
Luke Cheah replied
931000x5 块多,已经不是无量了 5百多万了的成交量 哪里会叫无聊
8 minutes
Kai Shen Ng replied
9 minutes
ys tan replied
Tunggu boss buy back the share till next year
9 minutes
shinn law replied
正义必胜 。 。 。 哈哈哈
11 minutes
Kingli Soh replied
14 minutes
胡金龍 replied
Lol I like it secret. Get a good price in hehe
14 minutes
KH121 Chew replied
Goh......kerjaya 不錯的,只是现在建筑没有trend!
14 minutes
Ah Choon Wong replied
blast all the terrorists hahaha
14 minutes
info speedme replied
2.5 and below come to papa pls......
15 minutes
Goeh Kar Win
PESTECH has bagged a milestone cross-border rail electrification project - the 4km RTS link between Malaysia and Singapore for a contract value of RM65m. Securing this project signifies its technical capability in delivery full EPCC project as per international standards. As such, we continue to like this niche utility infrastructure play. Maintain OP with unchanged TP of RM1.4
15 minutes
Fai Iz
i agree with you.But Msian retail investor you know lah, most emo buy & sell. Rarely they go for fundamental.
15 minutes
H A replied
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