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good news! This time is true, SPA covid test kit with 2 country.
1) MTPS - Thailand -30,000,000 unit test kit

2) GENESPRINT -HK- 20,000,000 unit test kit

total these 2contract =50,000,000 x USD 7/test kit
=USD 350,000,000

-2years contract, cash b4 delivery / upon completion of test kit at medicare fty.

I believe I can fly.... all we fly tgt Metronic Shareholders
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Koh Kw
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Now drop to @0.035 lah !!!
hamba Allah
jadi kenyataan harinii... manciii punye kaunter
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Charles Gan
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finally up 0.045 wit rsi macd up.
remoih serr
how much u stuck bruh?
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Hosico Cat
Con counter, new low...
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hua wei
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Ji Bet Chiu
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To “value investors” or “news investor”, recently our government has approved test kit among private sector. 2 companies had registered and approved by the relevant ministry.

Your beloved Mtronic claiming themselves selling RM 4 billion worth of test kit (LOL) to HK and Thailand, why are they not even try to apply for a license in Malaysia if they are really in this product?

The ONLY truth is that the so called agreement is to lure newbies like 青 , big sharks already sold their holdings. Try use your brain to analyze. Good Day ! LOL
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Pokemon Master 01
Kahkahkah cau cibao
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simon scc
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SHARK is throwing n sell to you All at HIGH PRICE 0.075-0.08!! its TIME to TAKE PROFIT!
Simon the transaction date was on 13/7, market price that time btw 0.04-0.035.But this 4,800,000, is not disposed thru open market. Only can said it like under table money... Tan Choon Wah is shit. . share market is unpredictable.. this counter prefer sell good news goreng price. n when wl goreng again .. we all dun know... all rely on operator.
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Pa Tan Wang
Everytime when this counter come out with so called "good news", it is to jack up the share price and for the shark to dump their shares. They then use the profit that they earn for the private placing.... it goes on like that.
suggest to cut loss when the share price jack up and wait till it dump to the bottom to buy back and go for few more round to recover the losses provided that this counter wouldnt go into PN17, consolidation or right issues.
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Xin Tian
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wait mother drop 2-3bid and son 0.005
Din Beramboi
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Hi shareholders, just wait for consolidation like all fintec related penny stocks after that it will drop more. Happy waiting! Chill!
Azlan .Mohamed
no more support for this counter...heading to south.
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hamba Allah
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ape ke teruk sgt mtronic niii...
Tarmizi Ahmad Jumli
free fall airborne... jatuh payung terjun kuncup...
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saiful SSAT85
Hanya mampu bersabar. Harap2 x menjunam lagi dan lagi
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