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ygl加油。。。部署一段时间来请认真拉升哦。呵呵。。。e invoice 你也有份加油
shed 你买1股 哪里够o。。。。。。。。。
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dgx investment
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Group’s EP: 0.175 (June 10th, 2024)
TP1: 0.190 (Completed √)
TP2: 0.210 (Completed √)
TP3: 0.230 (Completed √)
TP4: 0.255
TP5: 0.300 (Banker’s target price “monitor”)
SL: 0.155

Congrats to our group for EP early, just weeks before it exploded.

It’s currently testing the support at 0.230. Based on volume board, with banker stacking higher at 0.255 with over 1M shares, this is an indication of an uptrend!

Remember, volume board is the biggest indicator when it comes to trading Malaysian stocks. Bankers stack early before retailers. This is for them to prepare and clear the float to make a profit!

Join us on our Journey, to making financial success!

Need more analysis and guidance? Contact us on DGxSigna* on TG.

Our exclusive group has all the inside info!
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dgx investment
Join us on the journey on our TELE, Exclusive to only 200 members!

With all informations and top signals! Don’t miss out on what our group DGxSign*al has to offer!

With over 92.5% Win rate and averaging 25-45.8% per trade!
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Shafik 94
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Pray for me hahaha
Mohd Shamsaidi
ygl next...
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Shafik 94
Last month closed as momentum candle. Just wait for a pullback to completed. Min 60c i guess
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Ak Gan
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this longkang counter going to goreng later, haha, buy for hit and run
Ashyraf Awesome
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See you soon
Aakshasirshuga Thraveena
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for surelyTrend Projection

0086 YGL

0.255 +0.00%


May 20, 2024


Similar History


Next Day Rise (%)


Maximum Increase


Maximum Decline
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Stanley Chong
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run..... capital reduction....
Lim Kok Wing
dilution of value
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Shafik 94
Could be bad or good. Depends on how investor see the potential
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Salma S
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aiyoo dah lama jualll...congrats sapa yg ada dekat dalam
Ng Kelvin
Hahaha. Tinggi boleh lagi tinggi.
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Salma S
high possibility of patah riuk
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HEnry Goh
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einvoice theme ygl hidden gem collect more while cheap2...30sen gogogoo
HEnry Goh
ifca memang sector buat system...ygl ni hanya tempias2 ja...sebab tu pergi tak jauh...
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HEnry Goh
tp half....left half wait 30sen lol
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Mohd Saleh Onah
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How far can go