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All Comments on NEXGRAM Reload

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Amir Nashrul
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ill hold this for investment counter..good future project..IR4, EV charger, vaccine, glove..hope can make turnaround
Joe Sparkling
I have to agree.
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Mohamad Fakhruddin
no good future if ozura still here
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Anna Surianah
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Beneficial to Healthcare, Technology, Defense, Construction and Properties.

RM 1 Bil to containment measures (COVID 19)
Potential beneficiaries diversify into the prod of PPE
1. Komark
2. Notion
3. Prolexus
4. Caely
5. Nova Wellness Group

Covid test kits, reagents and consumables
1. Hong Seng
2. ACO
3. Nexgram

RM 15billion for transport infra dev
Johor bahru singapore rapid transit Link
Mass Rapid transit Line 3
Central Spine Project (Kelantan Pahang)
Klang Third Bridge
Pan Borneo Highway Sabah
1. MMC corp
2. Gamuda
3. George Keng
4. Gabungan AQRS
5. Pansar
6. Bina Puri

RM 7.4b to BUILD and UPGRADE Broadband services
1. Telekom
2. Maxis
3. Digi
4. Axiata

Increase Home ownership till 2025
Property Dev
1. Eco world
2. SP Setia
3. Sime Darby
4. IOI Properties
5. Mahsing
6. Titijaya

National Sovereignty
1. Destini
2. Boustead Heavy Industries Corp

High Incentives for high tech and value added firms
2. Vitrox
3. UMC
4. All of whom located in batu kawan industrial park

Sales tax examption for purchase of buses (Listed bus operators)
1. KTB

1. BAT

- Source : The Star
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Marcus Saw
Can borrow me
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JasonTCL Lim
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what yr telgram id
Kingsly Slir
go find Nexgram Club
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GF Risk Management
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pls come join our Telgrm discussion
GF Risk Management
pls find ngram club
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Mun Hoe
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GF Risk Management
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today up 5cts
god lee
0.5cts la. 5cts up 100% lo.
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Ricky Wong Yeu Kuok
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walao...400k vs 400k...why like this o... still want do business or not?
Hafiz Hussain
Super penny stock ni game dia peram long term..klo nk trade kna cari kaunter atas 20 sen
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Alvin Chin
I'm agree with Nestor,this stock quite strong support even ozura keep disposing
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Ris Yusoff
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today ALL IN!
JasonTCL Lim
good for those had holding power !
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Hafiz Hussain
Nk p jauh kena amik lajak dulu..rileks semua..haha
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JasonTCL Lim
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difficult to up
JasonTCL Lim
this turtle counter become snail counter
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JasonTCL Lim
can see other counter first
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Alvin Chin
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ozura keep dispose how to up
Aldi Dino
242 millions left means 15X can finish this balance...But they are smart enough - will push it to 10 SEN means more profit /jackpot
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Aldi Dino
Nexgram Covid biz got future.. Next round Nexgram to be 10 sen, WC 7 sen, WB 6sen, WA 6sen
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The latest Intention To Deal During Closed Period is disposed share?
Ooi Wan Hui
ya should be acquire
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Shawn Lee
How to see is acquire?
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