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law decky
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What happen today?
Wyman Wong
apa jadi? .......
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small movements until end of 2021? klse 1500 level broken
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T Chris
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I told you all before, faster runn , dont buy !
Jing Ying Steven Ooi
I ady die heart here, waste time and waste money
I go play crypto better
More earn and more easy
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yah, not interesting here. expecting 8c closing today, 3 new announcements today including a negative QR..
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muhammad alif anuar
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time org x mahu ni kita kutip kutip kutippppppp
Mohd Hafiz Hassan
Orang mau kutip kat 3sen nanti
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Abdul Aziz
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very soon to reach patient
but no guarantee on fintec... if you have tickets, hold it for long term with no guarantee
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Mohamad Azizi
mybe after name change then got some rocket. TAYOR
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Lim Say
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buy now, very low, all in 0.13 @ 100000
Mohd Hafiz Hassan
New low 9.5c.
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jess goh
Road to 0.08 n may lower also….all related party same below 5c families
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Rizal Riz
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Going back to 0.80 ?
JeN JeNTreyu
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this kaunter buy and hold, maybe 1 year. when comes goreng time, baru take profit
syafiq kzaman
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Waktu Terbaik utk beli Dan kumpul sebelum dia berlepas atas 15sen
azree firdaus
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Kasi naik fly la satu kali fintec gang. Banyak suram laa ini kaunter. Bring back the glory!
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Buy in [email protected] 200 , next year goreng 0.40