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thomas lim
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QR out, time to collect cheap tickets already
Abdullah Mohd Desa
off course good.. all in fast. later underwear also gone.
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thomas lim
now very cheap price, will uptrend soon
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Meng Fatt Lee
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loss reduce good sign plus take over
saga blm
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qr loss ... oh no... wht to do?
Edmond Leong
all in and wait
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Killme Camper
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signal out...possible going up and retrace again
Vincent Lee
signal pangil jgn mimpi
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Derrick Millionaire
Opat still has a lot to sell
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Nicholas Hew
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fly fly to sky
saga blm
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wow... reversal pattern... strong support at 0.065 indeed... watcha!
Ka C
let see tdy announcement if tht guy is still selling his stake... if no, it will be zoom zoom
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hunang wong
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Dispose sangat kuat, can't involve to buy.
Derrick Millionaire
up little bit , then Opat sell again
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Adieb Mustapa
Just rileks, slowly accumulate until wear spenda only
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saga blm
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share buy back proposal by the owner soon... price reversal is imminent... join the joyride!
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Derrick Millionaire
Don't waste time here
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Edmond Leong
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share buy back soon