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From Pluto
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GG road to blood sea
Steven Gan
OTW hollan road!!!!!
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pn17 coming soon..huhuhu
yap yap
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我都不明白,公司生意又没有扩张,生意不好请那么多人干嘛,大部分钱分了给管理人员,每个季度10m的administration n other cost?换管理层才有机会,covid之后人口出生率增长2.1%,业绩竟然还衰退。合理价10sen
yap yap
原来要给licence fee, 不怪得,admin cost other cost 那么高。卖人家的货利润不高还要囤货。傻仔生意,现在profit margin 没有 10%都是帮银行打工。
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a lot of people thought that KHJB own mothercare, actually not, they are licensee only not brand owner. (refer ) where as ASIABXXX own AXXKXU , so you aware that their company profit margin is much higher than KHJB. and lower PE.
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the main problem for this counter is, after more than 30 over years brought up the children....and now the children is an adult and ready to feed you, but you eventually found that the children is not your own son.
the priority is to buy out a brand or to acquire other company, most of the products KHJB carrying now is under licensing not own brand. vs other competitor which have a few OWN BRANDS and much lower PE than this counter.
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Ohh Huat
Market is not giving value for this counter, owner should just consider to take it private
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Tee Jazz
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William Armstrong
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profit margin drop from 8.45% to 1.04% alert....
Rabinder Singh
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At least give bonus issue to keep investors otherwise
Kan Tan
???? bonus issue for what
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Richard Yap
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Poor dividend, so late payment date
Tee Jazz
Boss can saving at fd 4more month dividend for himself
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Jeff Tan
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no volume, how to fly...
Albert Len
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Benjamin Liujy
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Shin Wa Ng
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