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Uncle Liu
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KLSE newbie
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突然come back
Carlson Lim
shhh... diam diam ade earn ok jer
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KLSE newbie
Carlson monitoring leh no bullet to buy hehe poor shit
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Jesse Livermore
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EIB , Jesse's perspective is this company has high similarity to Infotec. Jesse started coverage on this company with TP 1.18 . Jesse is not going to discuss about FA here , FA won't make you rich . Look at the details . They report loss in Q3 , but share price well supported and director keep buying every single day , same like what infotec did previously. Jesse think this company is the twin turbo of Inform + Infotech TP 1.18 . Invest at earliest stage
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Wow. Uptrend. Great ipo
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Kai Shan
break 0.6 gogogo, before CNY
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senor kevin
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seems like fund still yet collect enough ticket...hold tight guys
Yj Invest
@ Shawn, yeap got what you mean. Thanks
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Shawn Lim
we should be greatful. hopefully he will be back soon.
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Hunter x hunter
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醒吧 小散户门 没人会那么好分享股给你赚钱无非就是要你推高股价 割你韭菜罢了 尤其是最近很红的TC Jesse, 迟点分分钟又换名叫Xmas 了
Sonny Tan
Jesse recommended stocks at early stage ..he didn't ask us to chase ..after go up from 38 to 56 .. profit taking is normal..the problem is people buy and didn't intend to pickup
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Meaw Meaw Cat
装睡的人叫不醒, 可怜之人必有可恨之处...真的
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Abdullah Mohd Desa
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wow.. jesse counter still strong. nice rebound.
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Kalau ikut kan TA mesti down hari ni , shooting star merah pula tu ?
shinn law
@mason lol
I already sold before that earned already
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Mason Ang
@shinn law ...Ha,,,, .. u deleted yr comment at another side ya... lol.. laugh me die
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Koon Seng Tan
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Sern So
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i hate jesse
che nwr
semua suggestion by him kena kao
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Swatkillerz Alvin
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Sold first