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Sky Runner
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freeze counter
Chin Nan Khor
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Chin Nan Khor
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Alankoo Sk
Fimacor & kfima is same company management?
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Chin Nan Khor
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choonlin lim
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这个公司是不错的 可是 他在印尼的业务 遇到了麻烦 至今还是没有解决
Harvey Sia
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why so many share buyback? since 2015...
Jason Lau
I think maybe like bank account if u no transction done for 2year your account will be suspend, maybe same goes to share market
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Desmond Lee
jason lau nonsen, where got such case dont simply say if u not aware how is this company
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Chin Nan Khor
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Jun Lee
上两个季度业绩开始回稳,相信下一个季度业绩的qoq, yoy 都会进步,加上昨天量价齐升,可以放手一搏。
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wei giet Hong
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FIMACOR (3107) - Technical Analysis
June 24, 2019 | HONG WEI GIET

Technical Analysis
- FIMACOR moves in a consolidation rectangular since 2012
- Don't have significant shares price changing despite the uncertainty of economic growth. 
- It is defensive stocks which are not suitable for aggressive investors because stock performance is definitely worse than FBMKLSE and low trading volume.
- If we are dividend investor, we 

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Ivon Sim
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strong buy force...