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Keng Chew
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Keng Chew
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Vin Cullen
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Kok Ming
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干! 敏源的乌鸦嘴又来了! !
Chian Chian Cheong
敏源是来收票的,云顶下个月开回,要跑的就卖掉离开 ...
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teikchye kee
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Bright side ahead GENT...TP revised to 6.88 by Eve of CNY 2022...Gong Xi Fatt Chai..
Iveric on9
was just thinking to sell when theme park reopen 5.8 I will be happy to let go, glove looks attractive now
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Iveric on9
we entered when uncle sell call ,when he buy call now.... I guess I know what to do
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kimbeng lee
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heng heng///
long jeng
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I thought genting main profit is oversea tourist gamble? Now china economic falling, i smell gg
Fortune Family Office
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Yep... yummy yummy 4.50 upwards (^.^)/$$$
Go go open here and there
Robert Lee Gia Wei
这个Kee在多年前买了很多Genp股票,并在云顶赌场赔钱。 老子别这么天真。 说坏手套柜台。 他只是一只为银行工作的小鸡。
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teikchye kee
Robert, do I know u...hahaha
hantam u baru tau...hahaha
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Yun Biao Lin
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Mi Ling Lim
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parking.... parking... 4.830 哈哈…留个脚印
Kwai Ng
up up up 再破rm 5.5...
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lim lim
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sam lim
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sam lim
kwe liow 不需要了,哈哈
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Whelen Ng
Global market on bearish, if u buy on genting.
Set 2-3 year Let it grows…
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