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Jackson AhChai
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Mohd Zamree Ali
get ready guysss
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Stewart Law
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Mohd Zamree Ali
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see..let go jaksss
Mohd Zamree Ali
get ready aja la tenang2 je..jgn nanti ada yg cakap kalau la beli masa tu kahkahkahkah
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Keng Eric
drop more buy more gogogo
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Gogo UP
mou 都是韭菜来的 每个季度会跟你讲没有development
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Sia Investment
I believe This could be part of decentralised manufacturing in China for exporting to other countries
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saga blm
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last 2 days vol at peak when selling pressure maximise due to pp... 0.125 will be the support hopefully
Ka C
reversal ... 0.135 tapao by jaws n monster tdy
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Administrative expenses sooo much, 100m ++ but revenue just 20m++ what a funny
Tan Tian Seng
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most of the shares having good time.
or half. and jaks, still sleeping.
I collect in May. rocket in June ya.
Rosli Isnin
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Nice price for swing trader.
Mohd Zamree Ali
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fly next week
WaiSiM Chong
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一直做fund raising私下配售,以低於股價的價錢配售給某方,公司得到了現金,某方以市價賣出,公司得利,某方得利,散戶變羔羊韭菜。難怪會樂此不疲的做private placement.
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fly to holland aldy
Eric Keh
can extra day fly to sky
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Yong Jason
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