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PN17 still can trade but this counter cannot trade..WHY?
Nazim Nazim
suspender g string lagi....
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Ahmad Izhar
Bang karimmm kena resign baru boleh terbang ke awan balik
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Qi Wang
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把auditor 换了什么事都没有,不愿配合解决问题,2个月不回信息,直接把它换了
JS Wee
QiWang 看你在这里给人家插到那么可怜 不出来提醒你一下 你还真当自己是股神了
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Nemesis Spirit
hah在股市博反彈。。 真的把股市當賭場。。 ??
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Qi Wang
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Kawaiii Kitty
加油 楼主 在还没成为百万 千万之前 我已经来回捞了 几百 几千了 你会实现愿望的 继续average
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JS Wee
各位 QiWang这老千又重出江湖了 语不惊人死不休
在这里给人插到升天了还不认 现在在Alcom继续妖言惑众
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Yeoh Chang Hup
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All of Datuk karim s counter up n limit Up..something good is coming ……oil is super high….BOOM IN OIL INDUSTRY
Lowel Chong
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OK all in..
Yeoh Chang Hup
I m positive ….wait for the power struggle …when it’s over triple it price!!
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Yeoh Chang Hup
Limit up SCIB…future is bright after all the gloom…. OIL INDUSTRY IS THE IN THING..
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hunang wong
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lf karim out from sb, maybe can help sb trade in bursa.
Adam Aiman
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Technical analysis of RGTECH (0202):
Kamarul Azuan
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What can we do with our stock if sbdk suspended?
Stanly Kong
money turns to papers unless lifted for trading
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Mie Zar
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alamak i should at least buy 100 unit @ RM least can join AGM see drama
Ji Bet Chiu
E.T, maybe you stay at Mars for too long, now Malaysia 1 lot means 100 units, 100units x RM 0.35 = RM 35. Have fun staying in Mars.
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Harry ENG
U still able to around 20c when it start to trade, rm20 will do, rm15 buy popcom to watch agm
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Weida Ng
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if Serbak Open market, will drop same like Airasia. 20sen.
Pacman Monste
it is diff.. AA dont make fake financial report. else it wont be suspended until now.
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coonec henry
look at bright side, u still able to sell 20sen
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