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gwee zi cheng
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gwee zi cheng
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Tet Wah Law
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gloves trading
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2.60 buying 2263
Tan Hong Jie
SERBADK appeal money may gain from retailers who chasing in lol, Lionel Essi. Gambler buy Boss director sell.
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teikchye kee
eh...mana u?...hahaha
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Gerbilg Rat
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0.99 to consider?
Ling Way Kim
0.88 lg best
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What is the best price to enter ? Given the recession is on the way, big correction will happen anytime...
See after giving dividen drop until what price if 1 can in more
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William Yeo
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William Yeo
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Financial Report still not release???
Raymond Fah
park is makan gaji buta
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Stanley 118
Bye, Bye. Keep dropping!!!! Will it be another New Low?waiting 1.23.
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Based on my past experience with LCTitan, it will usually drop lower after every dividend payout... so I will only collect after 2-3 weeks of dividend payout
long term strong downtrend..pray hard
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Mark Siow
panlai punya counter, rugi kuat also can give kao kao dividend, i think must give the dividend until retained profit jadi negative loh.....
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Chew SK
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this lausy company can change name to LCCON
lee keng lu
See how this year still can afford to pay dividend or not.
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lee keng lu
Cash rich (RM1.32 billion) company will burn out soon
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Lim Kok Wing
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xox number 2 coming la.... pandai con investors.
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Holy shit...