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All Comments on HPMT Reload

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KR Fee Management
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Already told u, shark comes to collect revenue
KR Fee Management
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Movie ended. Time for shark to grab all the money
Jackson Gan
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is coming! go go go
Kelvin Chin
go go go!!!!
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Jom & Terry
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Precision Metal and Precision Machining related companies in KLSE are UWC, WONG, NOTION and HPMT.

As of October 16, share prices of UWC and WONG, are performing.

As precision metal and precision machining companies largely depend on their tangible assets (they are not digital companies), NTA is a good valuation-indicator.

UWC AND NOTION’s share prices are all traded above NTAs:

- UWC is traded 1,500% above NTA (Yes, 1,500%)
- WONG is traded 63% above NTA
- NOTION is traded 41% above NTA

HPMT is traded at only slightly above its NTA, based on a share price of 38.5 sen.

Our study notes are for sharing purpose only. We could be inaccurate. There is no BUY/SELL recommendation.
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Desmond Lee
NTA not mean anything , trade above NTA also not mean anything
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Lim Kia
sokong @ desmond Lee. Honestly speaking : HPMT Is small BUT Good fundamental. keep for long term should be No problem get excellent surprise.
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Freddie Heng
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Looks like very boring counter. No comment for recent at all ..
Real Bursa Hunter
gogo hpmt. today is ur day
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Lim Kia
Good morning Real Bursa Hunter : hopefully today HPMT will give us positive trend. target it short term can hit 42cent. cut loss level at 33.5cent @ 40 MSAV.
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Chankia Chai
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Stable but boring counter..
KR Fee Management
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Holland liao
Kenneth Lee
没有 air bus 去holland, 掉不到,价钱应该见底了吧!
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Faizal Pejal
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Go Go Go. Up to uptrendline. 0.400 is coming.
KR Fee Management
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No more share buy back
Dennis Lee
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Solarvest day one launching ipo shoot up 110%. This counter with 2 making money qrts still cannot match the initial ipo price. what the shits ! In business reputation is very very important.
Vivian Chen
It's seem like still maintain 0.40-0.42. To grow back to 0.56 need to take longer time.
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dennis lee
Privatizing this company??
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