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Rie Asbi
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time to comeback
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haiyoo go down back mehh
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Hong Chew Eu
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I am using the same approach for all the packaging companies I am screening ie look at the ROE relative to those of New Toyo and Canone.

I have a chart showing the ROE of CYL relative to the 2 reference companies. Unfortunately I don't know how to post it here. Anyway the chart shows that CYL ROE trend is not as good as those for New Toyo or Canone. For New Toyo details go to But I have not publicly shared my Canone analysis yet.
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Tan Tan
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coming back?????
Steven Lee
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lycee tan
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HEnry Goh
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cyl 顶部呈现下跌趋势开启....
Henry Kck
T1 all in time
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Henry Kck
ggwp holland qr
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young houi ung
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Henry Cheong
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Meng Keong Koh
report bursa scammer
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Arma Ocy
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Up up shooting star..!
Bally Tan
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谢谢老板。。。 鹹魚翻身
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回去一年前启发点 0.350 ?
Boy Lim
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Mei kei Low
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Boy Lim
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