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Cuscapi Bhd announced the emergence of two new substantial shareholders, after the pair respectively bought over 7% stakes in the point-of-sale systems provider earlier this week.
TheEdge21 Feb, 2024 23:47pm - 1 week

Sinchew21 Feb, 2024 20:46pm - 1 week

Notable filings On Jan 19, Rexit Bhd saw a change in its largest shareholder after Rexit Venture Sdn Bhd and Global Hartabumi Sdn Bhd sold 92.05 million shares in total, representing 53.14% of the share base of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) group, to Datuk Seow Gim...
TheEdge06 Feb, 2024 14:00pm - 3 weeks

KUALA LUMPUR: Companies that could be seeing active trading interest include Infomina, Techna-X, Cuscapi, Advancecon, SCIB, TDM, Favelle Favco, Jentayu, APB, Globetronics, Rapid Synergy, YNH Property, Leform and Mercury Securities, said Apex Securities Research.
TheStar18 Jan, 2024 08:25am - 1 month

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made the news on Wednesday:
TheEdge18 Jan, 2024 01:05am - 1 month

(吉隆坡17日讯)客凯易(Cuscapi Bhd)执行主席Datuk Jayakumar Panneer Selvam脱售公司5500万股或5.821%股权,退出大股东行列。
TheEdge17 Jan, 2024 20:13pm - 1 month

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 17): Cuscapi Bhd’s executive chairman Datuk Jayakumar Panneer Selvam has ceased to be a substantial shareholder of the point-of-sale systems provider, after he disposed of 55 million shares or a 5.821% stake.
TheEdge17 Jan, 2024 19:56pm - 1 month

KUALA LUMPUR: Companies that recently made headlines include Sapura Energy, EWI, Al-'Aqar Healthcare REIT, Scientex Packaging, Cuscapi, MyEG and UMW, said Apex Securities Research.
TheStar14 Dec, 2023 08:27am - 2 months

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made news on Wednesday involving Sapura Energy Bhd, Eco World International Bhd (EWI), AWC Bhd, Al-‘Aqar Healthcare REIT, Scientex Packaging (Ayer Keroh) Bhd, Cuscapi Bhd and UMW Holdings Bhd.
TheEdge14 Dec, 2023 00:42am - 2 months

Point-of-sale systems provider Cuscapi Bhd, in which MyEG Services Bhd founder Wong Thean Soon has a shareholding of close to 31%, has sold off the entire 12.08 million shares it holds in MyEG for RM11.11 million cash.
TheEdge13 Dec, 2023 20:44pm - 2 months

Point-of-sale systems provider Cuscapi Bhd has been served with claims of RM20 million over alleged defamatory statements it made back in 2018.
TheEdge03 Oct, 2023 21:41pm - 5 months

Sinchew31 Jul, 2023 20:41pm - 7 months

KUALA LUMPUR (April 17): Autocount Dotcom Bhd, which is slated to list on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia on May 9, posted a net profit of RM3.66 million or earnings per share of 0.8 sen for its first quarter ended March 31, 2023 (1QFY2023)....
TheEdge17 Apr, 2023 19:31pm - 10 months

Autocount Dotcom招股书发布会圆满结束;左起为陈志成、黄婉冰、朱运铁、朱进平、林嘉薇及林炳宗。(吉隆坡14日讯)软件开发商Autocount Dotcom有限公司今日推介招股书,计划5月9日上市马股创业板,首次公开募股(IPO)每股发售价33仙,预计筹集3088万令吉。根据招股书,此次...
Nanyang14 Apr, 2023 20:24pm - 10 months

(吉隆坡14日讯)财务管理软件开发商Autocount Dotcom Bhd将于5月9日在大马交易所创业板上市,首次公开募股(IPO)发售价定于每股33仙,预计可筹集3088万令吉。IPO包括公开发行9359万股新股或相等于扩大后股本5亿5050万股的17%,以及大股东献售4404万股(8%)。马六...
TheEdge14 Apr, 2023 16:54pm - 10 months

KUALA LUMPUR (April 14): Financial management software developer Autocount Dotcom Bhd, en route for an ACE Market listing on May 9, has set an issue price of 33 sen per share for its initial public offering (IPO) exercise that will raise RM30.88 million....
TheEdge14 Apr, 2023 15:48pm - 10 months

(吉隆坡21日讯)继3名创办人相继卸去管理职务后,银丰集团(REVENUE,0200,主板科技组)刚上任2个半月的首席执行员梁家桢也有意离职。 董事部要求留任   日前有报道称梁家桢辞去集团首席执行员职务,对此银丰集团周二发文告称,梁家桢确实已递交辞呈,而董事部正要求他留任。“根据董事部的了解,他确实在考虑这个问题。” 虽然梁家桢尚未确认是否离职,但银丰集团已迅速采取行动,另寻找合适的替...
Sinchew21 Mar, 2023 20:40pm - 11 months

Sinchew21 Mar, 2023 15:32pm - 11 months

(吉隆坡24日讯)2023年财政预算案将在下午4时出炉,马股仍维持跌势。休市时,富时隆综指挫9.22点,至1448.43点,周四收报1457.65点。 富时隆综指今早高开1.01点,报1458.66点,盘中游走于1448.09点至1460.19点。下跌股532只,上升股281只,另有362只无起落,...
TheEdge24 Feb, 2023 13:15pm - 1 year

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 24): Bursa Malaysia remained on a downtrend at midday on Friday (Feb 24), ahead of the tabling of the revised Budget 2023 at 4pm.At lunch break, the benchmark FBM KLCI had slipped 9.22 points to 1,448.43, from Thusday’s closing at 1,457.65. ...
TheEdge24 Feb, 2023 13:06pm - 1 year